I fell in love with vintage clothing as a child in Amsterdam and Rome, where I frequented flea markets with my aunts. The thrill of finding beautiful pieces sparked my interest in fashion. Today I consider myself an innovator rather than a designer; I build on the beauty of each garment, transforming what was once old into pieces that are uniquely modern and fresh.           

In today's fickle fashion world where trends are disposed at the end of each season, we at Saraz Closet view wearing vintage clothing as a means of sustainable living. We believe vintage clothing is about unique personal style, taste before trends, quality, and substance. Each piece we present to you has been carefully chosen, cleaned, mended if necessary and altered to fit the Saraz Closet aesthetic. We aim to present our garments in a cohesive way, assembling seasonal collections of the very best and rarest pieces. All alterations and tailoring are done by established tailors in Manhattan, and Sara does a significant amount of detail work herself. Saraz Closet is inspired by the past, and looks forward to a future where girls will seek out “modern vintage” pieces like these, and love them because they are timeless.